What is Human Resources

Best practice and compliant human resources is all things relating to hiring and concluding employees as well as everything in between.

Human Resources can add a lot of value to your business; making it important to include as part of your strategy and planning.

Every business should have a human resources strategy and plan that outline the key areas of human resources required to assist you in achieving your business goals; and forming a part of your overall Business Strategy and Business Plan. It just makes good business sense.

Small Business Society breaks Human Resources  into five key areas;

Planning; the current and future human resources needs of the business and ensuring the right processes and systems are in place to support those needs.

Attraction; of the right candidates and induction process which sets the employer and the employee up for success.

Management; of the development, expectations and behaviours of employees which will enable them to be engaged and grow with the needs of their role, the business and customer expectations.

Engagement; of employees is an important part in making individuals feel a part of the business, valued for what they produce and developing a good brand.

Conclusion; is the end of the employment lifecycle and can occur by the employer and the employee.

For further information, download and read What is Human Resources.

What are your next steps?

With the key areas explained and a human resources plan being the ultimate goal, we have some further information to start you on your journey to best practice and compliant human resources:

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