Is your company culture supporting effective employee engagement?

The culture of an organisation will influence the engagement of the  employees within your business and ultimately their productivity and performance.   More than remuneration or conditions, more than professional development, it is your company culture that keeps good employees in their roles, or, results in them finding employment elsewhere.

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Develop successful leaders in 8 steps

The role of a strong leader and manager is to communicate, empower and motivate their employees, whilst being strategically focused on performance outcomes.

It is therefore important to guide and develop future leaders and managers within the business and provide support to current leaders and managers, so they can enhance both their own and their team’s performance. 

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What does your recruitment process say about your business

It can be a lengthy process to attract the right candidates and ultimately employ the right person for your business.  But it is an important process to get right the first time, especially for a small business. To achieve this, you will want to ensure your entire recruitment and attraction process is sound and robust.

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