Our Services

At Small Business Society we offer a range of services that will assist you, as the business owner, to develop and implement a Human Resources Strategy and Human Resources Plan for your business.  We will partner with you to assist in the following areas:

  • Planning and Strategy
  • Recruitment and onboarding processes
  • Performance and planning development
  • Engagement and reward initiatives
  • Conclusion

The importance of best practice and compliant human resources is easily overlooked in the busy day-to-day workplace. Contributions in each of these five areas of human resources, can mean the difference between being able to attract and retain skilled employees, ensuring individuals are engaged and growing with the business, all while being able to confidently and consistently lead employees.



Planning and Strategy

  • Develop a Human Resources strategy and plan
  • Provide leadership coaching and management support
  • Understand your current and future workforce requirements
  • Ensure legislative requirements are met
  • Inform reporting and data analytics to make informed business decisions 


Recruitment and onboarding processes

  • Implement best practice advertising, shortlisting and interviewing techniques
  • Set up robust employment contracts and new starter documentation
  • Design a welcoming induction programs 
  • Set up a structured probation framework.


Performance planning and development

  • Design a tailored learning and development framework 
  • Establish a structured performance appraisal process
  • Ensure a compliant performance management process.


Engagement and reward initiatives

  • Develop targeted health and wellbeing initiatives
  • Provide salary benchmarking and payroll advice
  • Implement engaging employee benefits 
  • Design a structured reward and service award program.



  • Ensure exit processes are compliant 
  • Coach managers through difficult conversations
  • Preparation of departure forms, questionnaires and exit interviews.

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