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Last Updated September 3, 2019

The steps I take to write a job advertisement that attracts the best people

There is an art to writing a job advertisement.

You need to be clear about the role that you are hiring for, use language that applicants will understand and provide them with information that will leave them wanting to know more.

Have you ever gone through the process of writing a job advertisement, posting it online and using family and friends to spread the word, only to receive no responses at all, or perhaps even worse, you received a large number of applications from people who were not the right match for the role?

An effective job advertisement is a carefully tailored message with the aim of attracting the best qualified candidates for your job, whilst sharing information about your business, your brand and the role.

So, with the below key elements included in your job advertisement you are sure to attract the best people;

Briefly explain your business
In a few short sentences describe your business. You might consider including information about the size, product or service and/or industry, the clientele as well as location.

Describe the key focus and duties of the role
Provide an overview of the role by describing simply and succinctly what the key focus will be, including high level core duties. Follow with bullet points on the core duties as it will make it easier to read.

List the skills and experience needed for the role
State exactly what you need from the individual who will be successful in the position. Follow with bullet points on skills, experience, or industry knowledge required and if you require certain resources for example own laptop, car or relevant memberships and registrations.

Ensure that you only list what are the must have items and think carefully about what the preferred candidate could reasonably obtain or learn during the probationary period.

Provide detail of the benefits and culture of your business
Outline what the key benefits are of working for your business. You might consider including information your ideal candidate would value, such as information that impacts them financially, career progression details, training they will receive or how the business supports work-life balance.

How to apply and what to submit
Click on the APPLY button or contact name on +61 phone.

To assist in the shortlisting of candidates you might consider requesting a cover letter, resume, samples of work or relevant memberships and registrations, answers to filtering questions, just to name a few.

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About Kate Tongue

Kate Tongue is the founding Director of Small Business Society.

She is a qualified and experienced Human Resources professional with more than 10 years’ experience across the private and public sectors.

Her particular interest and experience is in managing the employee life cycle, delivering process improvements, and Human Resource strategy.

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