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Last Updated August 14, 2022

15 must know human resources terms

Do you know your Human Resources terms?  Here’s a list of 15 common terms to start you in the right direction.

Award – An award is a legal document that sets out the terms and conditions of employment for a specific industry or job. They define things like minimum wages, overtime, penalty rates and allowances.

Absenteeism – Regularly staying away from work on paid or unpaid leave.

Full Time Equivalents (FTE) – A measure equal to one person working full-time for a year

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) – an integrated system provided information used by management in decision making.

Induction – program designed to engage, welcome and inform new employees.

Job Design– A systematic way of gathering and analysing information about the content, context, and the human requirements of jobs.

Key Selection Criteria (KSC) – Designed to help make the most accurate match between the requirements of a position and the skills of an applicant.

Performance Appraisal – The process of identifying, evaluating and developing the work performance of employees to help achieve the goals and objectives of the business.

Performance Management – Is a robust process for managing an employee’s performance or behaviour.

Position Description – Is a structured document that outlines the duties, and responsibilities of a position.

Probation – An initial period of employment, during which time both the employer and the employee can decide whether they are suitable.

Onboarding – The process of bringing onboard a new staff member and providing them with the tools, resources, and knowledge to become successful and productive.

Organisation Culture – Is a pattern of shared values and beliefs of a workforce.

Salary Benchmarking – Is the process by which internal job descriptions are matched to external jobs with similar responsibilities, to identify the market rate for each position.

Turnover – Is the process in which employees leave an organisation and have to be replace.

Do you know your Human Resource terms? Are there any terms you’d like to understand better?

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About Kate Tongue

Kate Tongue is the founding Director of Small Business Society.

She is a qualified and experienced Human Resources professional with more than 10 years of experience across the private and public sectors.

Her particular interest and experience is in managing the employee life cycle, delivering process improvements, and Human Resource strategy.

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