Budgeting for your human resources expenditure

It is critical for a business to align its overarching business goals with its human resource strategy to achieve business success. While Human Resources requires having the right policies and forms in place, Human Resources is more than that. It also needs to be a part of every aspect of a business to support each stage, and that includes budgeting.

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The Employee Handbook – Why every business needs one and what it should include

Every business needs an employee handbook to support its day to day operations.  It is an important tool that documents not only the business’ suite of Human Resources policies and procedures, but also provides an overview of the business, clearly sets the expectations of employees and employers, and enables a fair and consistent approach for all.

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Plan to future proof your business.

Starting a small business takes a lot of planning, dedication and courage. It is often coupled with personal goals to enable work life balance, follow a passion, or to simply have a side hustle for some extra money.  Once the business is up and running though, often business owners are so busy on the day to day operations of their business that it is rare to think about the future.

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