Hiring employees in 5 simple steps.

Hiring employees is an important decision for any business. You want to attract quality candidates with the right skills and experience who will work effectively within your team and your business, and you want an induction process which sets you and the employee up for success. 

This all takes time, consideration and a good plan.

So, how do you plan for hiring a new employee?

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Improve your human resources planning

Ever wished you could see behind the scenes of how an HR expert does their human resources planning? How they decide on their key business tasks and causes for the year to plan ahead? 

Well here it is! This is the process I use, and the process I give to my clients and loyal newsletter subscribers, to improve their human resources planning.

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Employee engagement programs – do they make a difference?

Do you have an employee engagement program in place at your workplace? Have you ever wondered if these programs are making a difference?

The process of engaging employees is a task that needs to be managed throughout the employee lifecycle.  It is  important to understand what motivates each employee and check in with them regularly. 

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Are you delivering effective employee engagement?

We often write about recruitment, performance development, and other measures business owners can take to attract and retain great people. All of this is important. We know hiring the right people into the right jobs is crucial to supporting and growing your business.  What about employee engagement?

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