A step by step guide to hiring a new staff member

5 Simple Inclusions For A Successful And Welcoming Employee Induction

Hiring a new staff member is an important decision for any business. You want to attract quality candidates with the right skills and experience who will work effectively within your team and your business, and you want an induction process which sets you and the staff member up for success.  This all takes time, consideration and a good plan.

So, how do you plan for hiring a new staff member?

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Refresh your job interview process with these tips

You have advertised for a new employee and have started receiving applications from a range of candidates who believe that they have the right skills, experience and who want to work for your business. The next step is to shortlist and conduct a job interview to determine which candidate should be hired.

So, how do you go about ensuring you are getting the most out of the job interview? 

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