Refresh your job interview process with these tips

You have advertised for a new employee and have started receiving applications from a range of candidates who believe that they have the right skills, experience and who want to work for your business. The next step is to shortlist and conduct a job interview to determine which candidate should be hired.

So, how do you go about ensuring you are getting the most out of the job interview? 

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Budgeting for your human resources expenditure

It is critical for a business to align its overarching business goals with its human resource strategy to achieve business success. While Human Resources requires having the right policies and forms in place, Human Resources is more than that. It also needs to be a part of every aspect of a business to support each stage, and that includes budgeting.

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Employee engagement programs – do they make a difference?

Do you have an employee engagement program in place at your workplace? Have you ever wondered if these programs are making a difference?

The process of engaging employees is a task that needs to be managed throughout the employee lifecycle.  It is  important to understand what motivates each employee and check in with them regularly. 

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